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The Benefits of Being an Ectomorph

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By Brandon Cook

“The narrow waist and tiny joints are actually a blessing, as it will make every pound of muscle on your body look like three pounds. Often slender-boned bodybuilders of 190 pounds are mistaken for 220 pounds or more due to this illusion.” - Ron Harris


As a hardgainer, you should understand that your genetic capacity for muscle growth is not quite on the same level as those lucky, genetically gifted mesomorphs, who can put on muscle just by thinking about bench pressing! Okay maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit, but not too far from the truth.

You’re going to have to train smarter, be more disciplined, and have the perseverance to overcome the genetic shortcomings of the ectomorph body type you’ve been endowed with.

Especially, if you are training naturally… which is the ONLY way I recommend!

That being said, you should have no fear… even as an ectomorph you can build muscle and develop an impressive physique. Just take a look at Frank Zane, a 3 time Mr. Olympia who trained in the same era with Arnold Schwarzenegger. In fact, Frank is one of only 3 people to ever defeat Arnold in a bodybuilding contest!

Frank Zane

Frank Zane stands at 5’9″ and typically competed at 185lbs naturally. However he was quoted as saying that he has won shows both naturally and with steroids.

If so he was probably using lower doses of steroids (remember this is at a time when you could get them legally from your doctor.) Frank has stepped on stage at a ripped 195lbs during bodybuilding competitions and the extra 10lbs could be from drugs. Although maybe not… Only Frank knows for sure.

Even though he may have used some steroids to achieve his Olympia shredded physique, I want you to realize that he is mostly natural and wasn’t using steroids at anywhere near the same capacity as the pro bodybuilder’s of today do.

To me, Frank represents the full genetic potential of an ectomorph. His body type in this picture would now be considered an Ecto-mesomorph because of all the muscle mass he has added. Also, take notice of his smaller frame, thin wrists and ankles. These are classic traits of the ectomorph as you are about to learn.

Now, if I’m losing you with all the ecto- meso- “morph” terminology, then this article should bring you up to speed.

Somatotypes and Body Type Classification

There are three basic somatotypes, or body types as proposed by Dr. William H. Sheldon back in the 1930’s that are used to classify individuals based on their physical traits and characteristics. It is not a perfect classification system, because even though some people fit these descriptions exactly, others will be a mixture of two or more somatotypes (i.e. an ecto-mesomorph.) Never-the-less, it is a great starting point for determining your genetic traits, your capacity for building muscle, and designing a program that maximizes your body’s potential.

Here are the three somatotypes:
• Ectomorphic: characterized by long and thin muscles/limbs and low fat storage; usually referred to as slim.
• Mesomorphic: characterized by large bones, solid torso, low fat levels, wide shoulders with a narrow waist.
• Endomorphic: characterized by increased fat storage, a wide waist and a large bone structure.

Ectomorph Mesomorph Endomorph

The True Hardgainers

Most people that are considered to be true hardgainers fall into the ectomorphic category. Since this website is dedicated to helping ectomorphs realize their full genetic potential, we will be focusing our attention on this body type specifically.

As an ectomorph, your metabolism is in overdrive, meaning you are rather lean, and thin and experience difficulty in gaining weight of any kind (muscle or fat.) You most likely lack significant physical strength and this is obvious because you are also lacking in muscle mass. The extreme ectomorph has a fragile and delicate physique, with a lighter skeletal structure, small wrists and joints. The ectomorph may be slightly taller than the average person, and thus has longer limbs, which are not advantageous to moving heavy weights. Recovery ability of the body is also more prolonged than mesomorphs and endomorphs.

Common Physical Traits of the Ectomorph:
• Thin
• Flat Chest
• Delicate Build
• Tall
• Lightly Muscled
• Stoop Shouldered
• Young looking
• Narrow Bones

Common Personality Traits of the Ectomorph:
• Self-conscious
• Preference for privacy
• Introverted
• Socially Anxious
• Mentally Intense
• Emotionally Restrained

As you may have guessed or probably know from experience, all of these characteristics are not favorable in your quest to pack on muscle mass, size, and strength.

After considering this, you may wonder if being an ectomorph really has any benefits. Are you doomed to being scrawny for the rest of your life? You may also wonder whether you should even bother trying to lift weights to begin with. Maybe you should just stick to endurance sports?

To quickly answer these questions I say Yes, No, Yes, and NO! Just because you do not have the genetic propensity to become a massive pro-bodybuilder does not mean you cannot pack on slabs of lean muscle mass to your body. You can, although it will require more work, focus, and desire.

In fact, lots of ectomorphs have gone on to make incredible transformations adding 20, 30, 50, even 100+ pounds to their smaller sized frames in a matter of months rather than years. This all depends on your intelligence as a lifter, your desire and passion to make this type of transformation, and your ability to master the principles of gaining mass.

In short, even as an ectomorph, you can create a classic, muscular physique. Not only that, but there are even some unique benefits to being an ectomorph that you may not have considered. Let’s take a look at these now.

The Benefits of Being an Ectomorph

Besides all of the seeming draw-backs of being a skinny ectomorph tying to pack on some quality muscle, we do have a couple of advantages over the other body types.

1. Less looks like more: Because of the ectomorph’s smaller skeletal structure a little muscle goes a long way. If through hard work and discipline one is able to add some decent muscle to their lighter frame it will tend to look better, more defined, and create the illusion that the individual is bigger than he really is.

2. Melting the Fat Away: The ectomorph has a super fast metabolism making fat burning particularly easy. If too much fat is added in a bulking phase, it is fairly easy to slightly lower your caloric intake and burn it off quickly or to simply increase your cardio. Although this is an advantage for the ectormorphs, it is also a double-edge sword, as one must be careful not to burn off any of your hard earned muscle while doing so.

3. Enjoying your Food: Because of the ectomorph’s rapid metabolism, one must eat tons of high quality food to grow and maintain their muscle gains. If you love food then this is a plus. Although sometimes if may feel like a chore having to pack so many calories away, at least you are not feeling deprived. Plus, it gives us the ability to cheat a little on our diet without destroying our progress.

4. Deadlifting: Even though longer limbs make it harder to move weight in a lot of the exercises, including bench pressing, and squats; The advantage goes to the ectomorph in deadlifting (one of the best mass building exercises), where long arms give us the mechanical advantage to move some serious weight.

5. Aging like Fine Wine: As we get older our metabolism begins to slow down and fat storage tends to increase. For most people that sucks, but for the gym going skinny guy this means the ability to add more muscle to their frame and the shift into a more mesomorphic metabolic range.

A lot time skinny guys can’t see any positive benefits of their body type, and that can lead to a depressed state of mind. A depressed state of mind will be of no help to you and will actually keep you trapped in the very state you are mentally resisting. What you resist persists.

Of course you’d prefer to have more muscle, who wouldn’t, but in order to realize this goal you must first accept yourself for the way you are, where you are, and who you are. Only after you can accept yourself and your body in this way, can you objectively step back and then map out a plan to get where you want to be in life and actually follow it to completion.

Acceptance of reality and a deeper understanding of it as it truly is… is the first step to changing your experience of it.

You MUST stop focusing on the negatives and start being grateful for the positive aspects of being an ectomorph.

The Proof Ectomorphs Can Build Muscle

Knowing your body types advantages and disadvantages is a vital key to unlocking the door to muscle growth and positive change. It is important to remember that you cannot achieve muscle hypertrophy (aka growth) by working against your body. The Awakened Warrior realizes this and works with his body and his genetics in an effort to overcome his weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

With the proper training, nutrition and recovery methods you can totally transform your body and reach the true potential of your ectomorph genetics WITHOUT USING DRUGS LIKE STEROIDS. In fact, here is some solid proof that you CAN gain weight and build muscle naturally as an ectomorph:

EXHIBIT A: Vince DelMonte was able to pack on 41+ lbs in six months by eating like a mad man and lifting heavy weights. Vince also explains exactly how he pulled this off and reveals the program he used in his No Nonsense Muscle Building Program.

Vince Del Monte

EXHIBIT B: Anthony Ellis was able to gain 32 lbs in only twelve weeks by following a basic workout program of three days a week. He spells out exactly how he did it in his breakthrough program Gaining Mass.

Anthony Ellis

EXHIBIT C: Through hard work and dedication, I was able to pack on thirty pounds of muscle and jump from 130lbs to 160lbs. With everything I’ve learned over the years, I believe I’ll be able to pack on another 20 or 30 pounds in the very near future and I’m going to show YOU how to do it too!

Brandon Cook

So as you now realize, the ectomorph who wants to gain muscle is starting off at a huge disadvantage in comparison to guys blessed with better muscle-building genetics. However, once the ectomorph accepts this and decides to start using a training and nutrition program that is designed with the ectomorph body type in mind… good things start to happen! I’m not going to tell you it’s easy… because it’s not…… yet it can be done!

To Your Success in Training and in Life,

Brandon Cook

P.S. If you haven’t signed up for our 100% FREE e-Class I highly recommend doing so. In the Way to Mass e-Class you will learn all of the basics of how to eat and train as an ectomorph. Click Here to learn more about the class.

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37 Responses to “The Benefits of Being an Ectomorph”

  1. best oblique expert Says:

    Very informative article on different body types especially on ectomorphs. Indeed, you have described skinny dudes perfectly in terms of build and social preference. We can’t fight what bodies we are born to have but we can certainly do something to alter our condition. So for all ectomorphs instead of sulking in the corner, crying over having a skinny body, start building some muscle today!

  2. Rowena Says:

    Well, Quite informative. But if we can only choose what type of body we want, I would choose the ectomorph since I love eating but I do not want to gain weight.

  3. Hipolito M. Wiseman Says:

    I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this article. I am hoping the same best work from you in the future as well. In fact your creative writing abilities has inspired me to start my own BlogEngine blog now. Really the blogging is spreading its wings rapidly. Your write up is a fine example of it.

  4. Ml Says:

    Hey, this actually made me feel a lot better! Thank you very much for this article!

  5. Brandon Says:

    Glad to hear it! ;)

  6. Wish he was a mesomorph Says:

    So am i supposed to eat-eat -eat or over eat for 2 weeks then under eat for 1

  7. Brandon Says:

    Haha keep dreaming pal! With hard work you can become an ecto-mesomorph! ;)

    To answer your question… it depends! If you’re super scrawny with extremely low body fat, then you should focus on eating like a mad man until you’re body fat percentage breaks 10%. In other words just gain some weight, yet train hard so it will be mostly muscle. Take your current body weight and multiply it by 24. That will give you the calories you need to eat each day. Say you’re 130lbs. Multiply that by 24 = 3,120 calories. Eat that daily!

    Weigh yourself every week. If you’re not gaining weight… YOU’RE NOT EATING ENOUGH! Increase your calories.

    One week a month or maybe every two months you can cut your calories in half (1500) to give yourself a break and reprime your body.

    OR you can just follow the eat 2-3 weeks in a surplus and then take 1 week in a deficit to reprime your body as suggested in this blog and free reports here:

    BOTTOM LINE: You have to experiment to see what will work best for you. Hope this helps

  8. Brian Mallakios Says:

    Im an ecto, but i certainly wouldnt describe myself as “delicate” and I do not match any of the personality traits. In fact, just the opposite as im an adult actor I dont think you find many private introverted anxious porn stars !!!

    On the other hand, there is little you can do but take steroids and if any skinny guy puts on monster muscles says they did it naturally, they are lying. You reach a point where you cannot get big without assitance from drugs. Its not a bad thing, just the media has twisted it to make you think it is bad.

    Great article though, can you recommend any specific exercises for the ecto or does it not matter and just do the usual deadlifts and squats etc.

  9. Brandon Says:

    @ Brian Mallakios: Hey Brian, not too many men would want to be described as delicate, however I think this is referring to the skeletal structure and overall build compared to a thicker boned, heavy set endomorph (think huge linebacker)… who despite what you think could probably crush you unless you get out of the way! lol

    Of course these traits do not apply to everyone and there are exceptions. Skinny guys can naturally add anywhere from 10-80+ if they train intelligently. Vince DelMonte has gone from 150lbs to 227lbs over the years. However, one shouldn’t expect to become a Mr. Olympia! Drugs definitely have side effects and are expensive… so there are consequences involved.

    I recommend mostly compound exercises for ectomorphs at first. However, you can use any exercise. Personally, I tend to stay away from exercises that are known to cause injuries, which I include the bench press in that category, also upright rows and a few others.

  10. Johnny Says:

    Nice read and I really liked your thorough input about ectomorphs. I have been skinny all my life and even though I used to eat more than my friends I never gained muscle nor fat. I truly didn’t understand the curse that I had even though people praised and envied this.

    Its funny because when I read about the ecto I thought you were stalking my life. Skinny frame, thin wrists, long arms (I used to compare them towards my friends and I usually was 2 to 3 inches longer and my hands in general aren’t huge).

    I have been researching and exercising for I’d say some two months or so and I have build some nice muscle. I am pleased with my exercising and diet routine and I will continue to follow it. I never really read an article that stated the benefits of ectomorphs so I was pleased and surprised to at least read some here.

    Thanks for the input, cheers

  11. Thomas anderson Says:

    Well I’m an ecto and have recently began working out regularly at a gym… I have been eating 3,200 calories a day more or less… I’ve succeeded in gaining 5 pounds of muscle in about a month… I previously weighed 127 with 4 percent body fat. I learned that diet has a lot to do with success for an ectomorph (carbs, protein etc..) and I have also learned that leaner, slimmer , well defined body types are a new trend among men and women and is even preferred by many… so don’t fret ectomorphs… We are the new “in” crowd…

  12. Brandon Says:

    @ Johnny: Yeah, it’s funny how most people envy the ectomorph’s ability to eat anything and not gain weight, while the male ectomorph actually feels like this is a curse. Keep up with the training. Glad you liked the article.

    @Thomas Anderson: Awesome results. Keep slamming those calories. 4% is really lean! Yeah I started at 130lbs @ 5’11″ and got up to 160. Now I’m pushing 170! So you can definitely gain weight if you want it bad it enough.

  13. preslat Says:

    interesting article. I used to be an ectomorph but I’m pretty sure I packed the calories and now have a bigger build, probably attributed to the fact I’m more into food and less into exercising.

    Oh well. Some day I will go back to my previous shape/form.

  14. Kent Says:

    This article has really encouraged me to keep going and lifting more and more. I think a toned ectomorph looks way sexier than a bulky meso anyday. Brad Pitt in fight club is a great example of an ectomorph’s potential by the way.

  15. Brandon Says:

    Good point Kent! Yeah, Pitt did a great job at getting ripped for that show. Also looks pretty solid in Troy.

  16. Jimmy Says:

    Great article.
    I’m an ectomorph with a beer belly. My old diet consisted of pretty much fast food and beer. I’m trying to lose the beer gut while gaining mass. I’ve been eating 5-6 small meals a day, lean chicken, salmon, tuna, fruit, vegitables, protein shake after workouts etc. I work out every other day and generally only do one day of cardio since i’m already thin everywhere else except my belly (and a slight double chin) I was wondering if the dramatic decrease in calories is going to hurt me or help me gain mass. Any recommendations?

  17. Brandon Says:

    Hey Jimmy, thanks for the comment. Great to see you making some changes. You seem like you’re on the right track, although I’d recommend losing the beer gut first and then focusing on gaining size. You should be able to lose it fast. Here’s what I’d do if I were you: Lift heavy weights using compound exercises 2-3 days a week just like you would for mass building. Eat a lot of calories on the days you train and especially for several hours after you train. This will help you maintain and possibly even build some muscle.

    Then on your conditioning or off days eat about half the calories. For conditioning training you might do hill sprints/trail runs/jump rope/heavy bag/sled pushes and stuff like this. Don’t go overboard, just do about 15-20 minutes of this stuff 2-3 days a week in addition to your heavy training on squats, deadlifts, etc. You can do 30+ minutes of fasted walking in the morning to burn additional fat.

    Another option is to do the conditioning work on the same day as your weight training/high calories day… that way you can recover easier by allowing a full day of no training. Start easy on the training and progress in intensity over time to prevent injury. Once you lose the fat, you can switch gears and get on a mass program. When you are leaner it is easier for you to build muscle.

  18. Jimmy Says:

    Sweet! Thanks for the advice.

  19. Brian Says:

    I am an ectomorph and I have always been kinda jealous on my other friends that have gained muscle way faster. But they usually stop and think that they will keep the muscles even without training, while I have continued and today I have way more muscle than them.

    Being an ectomorph gives you a great genetical advantage for running though :)

  20. Brandon Says:

    Good points Brian and great that you kept training and thus the muscle! I have found that when muscle growth comes easy to people they don’t seem to cherish it like a skinny guy does. They also never have to really study training and nutrition in depth so do not learn as much about either subject. Ectomorphs can definitely run! Lol

  21. bob the builder Says:

    There’s no such thing as hard gainers.
    just non-eaters.
    i am a pure Ecto-Morph, who went from 120lb to 185lb in 1 year and 9 months of training. MIND YOU, i didn’t fully understand back then what i knew now, and the biggest downfalls that can overcome the ectomorph are thus;
    -SICKNESS.(i lost 2kg from a bug that prevented me from eating for 2 days)
    -Not Finding what works for my body. ex.(Not ‘Feeling’ an exercise, IF YOU DON’T FEEL IT, DON’T DO IT!).

  22. Brandon Says:

    Great results and tips Bob! In my humble opinion the ectomorph IS the typical “hard gainer” compared to the other somatotypes, since they have the odds stacked against them metabolically, hormonally and often structurally. I do caution about labeling yourself a hardgainer or identifying too much with this label as it can become a self-fulling prophesy that keeps you small and stuck for years. As you mention the key is to eat like you’ve never eaten before and to train with your body type in mind. Extra rest can be helpful too!

  23. bill Says:

    You say eat eat eat…. but eat what and when? You cant eat 24 hours a day. Also what is the best sort of protein drink for gaining?

  24. Brandon Says:

    Hey guys,
    My name’s Brandon. I’m 19 and I’ve always been strong and cut but no matter how much I eat or how many protein shakes I drink I can’t keep the weight! It’s so frustrating. Am I not lifting heavy enough? For my inspiration I look towards Taylor Lautner, I mean he was about my weight before he bulked up, and he achieved his goal in roughly 9 months. I want to put on about 30-50 pounds I’m 118 pounds right now. What’s the problem(s) I might be having? Please help. Thank you.

  25. Brandon Says:

    @ Bill: The best way to eat to gain mass is a modified Caveman diet. Eat like a caveman for most of the time and then add starchy carbs like sweet potatoes, rice, or pasta to refuel after your intense workouts. See this post on the caveman diet for more information.

    The key is to eat whole foods. To gain mass you have to eat a surplus of calories. You can eat 3 huge meals a day, 4-5 moderate meals a day, or even 6-7 smaller meals a day. Aim for 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight and 1-3 grams of carbs per bodyweight. Younger and leaner guys can eat more carbs than older and fatter guys! :wink:

    A simple approach many use is to eat 3 good sized meals and have 3 Super Shakes. To make a super shake, simply add a scoop or 2 of whey protein, mix in some frozen fruit (bananas, berries, etc), add some healthy oils like olive oil, coconut oil and/or flax oil. Blend it and drink it!

  26. Brandon Says:

    @ Brandon: Always willing to help out another Brandon! At your age your metabolism is burning up calories like crazy. I know you may think you’re eating enough, but if your weight is not increasing AT ALL then YOU’RE NOT EATING ENOUGH. Sorry, didn’t mean to yell at you, but I really want to emphasize this because you have to eat like a madman to build muscle when you’re young with a rapid metabolism. If I were in your shoes right now, here’s what I’d do…. 1. Eat 3 big meals and day and 3 big super shakes. 2. Train 3 days a week for 30-45 minutes using squats, deadlifts, overhead press, push-ups, pull-ups, dips. Focus on getting stronger. 3. Sleep 8-10 hours a night. 4. Read this post:

    You can do this, Brandon! Be persistent and keep educating yourself by reading the articles on this website.

  27. bill Says:

    Thanks for the reply Brandon, I’ll do exactly as you say. I’m in my 40′s 6ft tall 10 and half stone and eat like crazy and never ever gain an ounce. I’ve been exactly the same weight since I was 18. I work out at the gym 5 or 6 times per week: 20 min various cardio , rowing, running, cycle cross trainer followed by 3 or 4 sets of 12 reps of various free weights, squats, dead lifting etc. Then steam / 10 min swim / sauna / ice shower.

    Honestly I could drink a gallon of ice cream every half hour and never put on an ounce. I dont drink or smoke. I eat 4 / 5 meals a day.

    I’m intrigued to try the caveman diet. I’d love to put on a stone. But it’s not a massive issue. Not when I see the fat beer bellied piers of mine anyway.

  28. Brandon Says:

    Your welcome Bill. You can definitely put some weight on you if you DESIRE it. Consider going on a mass phase and reduce your workouts to 3-4 days a week max. Temporarily cut the cardio out or limit it to only 1 or 2 sessions on off days or after your weight training to maintain cardiovascular health. Too much cardio will eat into your calories and gains. Keep your weight training workouts between 30-45 minutes. You’re doing the right exercises, yet consider dropping the rep range down to 5-8 reps and focus on getting stronger. Lift some heavy weight and then get out of the gym and focus on eating and recovery. You DO NOT grow in the gym, but while you’re resting and sleeping. Keep me posted on your results! :)

  29. bill Says:

    It was a hard session in the gym today cutting down on my cardio. I realise I’m in a habit and have to break it for positive results.

    I’m so stuffed with food today, It’s not unpleasant as I dont eat junk and am trying to adapt to the caveman regime.

    5-8 reps? is this with heavier weights?

    Thanks for your advice Brandon. I’ll certainly follow it and let you know how it goes. I’m in the UK by the way.

  30. Carlos Says:

    Thanks You for posting this. I actually feel a lot better after reading about this “Curse” I was doomed with. I did start doing Vince’s “Maximize Your Muscle”(though I have been doing it for 5 months, I restarted the entire thing because I got heavier weights. At first I could only Bench 40lbs. and I stayed with that weight for 5 months. After noticing sticking with the same weight wasn’t building muscle, I bought more weights and I can bench 50lbs with little effort and 68-70lbs with maximal effort). I have noticed I have noticed after doing more(I was extremely lazy until I decided I won’t get the body I want until I work for it), my arms seem a little bigger(they look even bigger when I have my arms bent, but their regular size when my arm is down)and I can finally see my six pack coming in(the “Top Half” is very noticeable while the “Lower Half” is also making it’s way in). I plan to get bigger by the time School starts again(I’m only a Teen if that make’s a difference in Body Building). Now about Eating. Is there good type of Meat that has a lot of Protein? I plan to buy some Beef Jerky because I’ve heard it’s good for Body building. And what other good foods contribute to gaining Muscle?

  31. Brandon Says:

    Hey Carlos! Thanks for writing and sharing your results. I commend you for your efforts and want to tell you that you are definitely not doomed. If you stick with training you’ll benefit in many positive ways and you’re life will be forever changed. So never give up if it is something you truly desire.

    As a teen bodybuilder keep focusing on getting stronger and eating a bunch of high quality calories. Be sure to include lots of push-ups, pull-ups, dips, rows, planks, and other body weight exercises to build a solid foundation for your joints and skeletal structure. As far as protein sources I recommend eating organic whole eggs. These are the best! Organic Chicken, grass-fed beef and bison, wild caught sockeye salmon, sardines, and chunk lite tuna are some other great sources for building muscle. Aim for 1lb per bodyweight, so if you weigh 150lbs eat roughly 150 grams of protein. Keep at it and your numbers will continue to climb!

  32. Brandon Says:

    Yeah it’s difficult when you get in a routine. Just work on slowly transitioning both in decreasing your cardio temporarily so you can focus on building musce… and in increasing your calories. Slowly increasing them over the next several weeks will allow your body to adapt without as much stress or fat gains. Yes, 5-8 reps will be with slightly heavier weight and that’s why it will help you to grow in strength and size. Stop a couple reps shy of failure so you don’t risk an injury. Keep at it Bill!

  33. Atakus Says:

    Like someone said before.. I wish I was an ecto. I’m meso-endo myself and have been ~215 pounds for quite some years. Last year I started to diet and successfully got down to about 185 – resulting in a small belly and some nice visible leg- and shoulder muscles. Since then I’ve been trying to get down more (as body fat is at around 18-19% and would like to see that at 12 or so) and I’m unsuccessful. Eating literally nothing (yoghurt in the morning, 4 slices of bread with chicken on it for the rest of the day and only meat+vegetables for dinner) for days and staying stable because every now and then I take the occasional chocolate bar or beer. Have decided now to starve myself completely with above-said diet and zero tolerance on everything else + jogging for an hour every day. We’ll see… But with the amount of trouble this costs, I would have loved to be ecto and eat an entire chocolate cake every day. :(

  34. Brandon Says:

    Atakus… we always want what we can’t have! lol

    Congratulations on your success so far, that is great! Endomorphic types definitely have a challenge getting lean, but being an ecto is definitely not a cake walk.

    I would highly recommend that you DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF!

    This will not help you accomplish your goal and will actually have the opposite effect you would think. Your body will go in to what is known as “starvation mode.” Your body doesn’t understand that you want to lose fat, all it realizes is that food is scarce and it is not receiving the calories it needs. Your brain will signal to your body to slow your metabolism and to hold onto fat because it doesn’t know when it will receive more calories/energy. Even worse, your body may then start to breakdown muscle tissue for energy, which will make you even more susceptible to storing fat since muscle is a living, active tissue.

    The trouble you are having stems from the fact that endomorphs do not tolerate carbs very well. You probably have low insulin sensitivity like most people with your body type. Endomorphs do really well with the caveman diet.

    Check out the tons of free articles on our website by Tom Venuto, who is a meso-endo and author of Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle. He knows what you’re going through and can help.

    Free Articles >>>

    Burn the Fat Program >>>

    You can get lean, but starving yourself is not the answer. Thanks for your comment and sharing your situation.

  35. Personal Trainer Mumbai Says:

    Well explained :)

  36. mike h Says:

    this has helped motivate me a lot. i’m 50 years old and have no problem losing weight when i commit. gaining muscle is difficult for me but this website will help me a lot

  37. Rocky S Says:

    Glad I came across this. Described an ecto-morph like me exactly. Thing is, when I started football at 16 I weighed 120lbs and could power-clean 125lbs which was the baseline minimum. Now I’m 19 ,trying to gain weight but I can’t make it to the gym. I have a 30lb curl-bar, a lot of cinder blocks, and four 25lb rims. How can I gain weight man!? I’m gonna start eating a lot more, and I eat tuna all the time so I know that’s good for protein. It’s so hard to force myself to eat though. Last time I tried to join the army a while back, I weighed 115lbs which is under the minimum.

    I’m about 5’8″ – 5’9″ but I freakin love to work-out. I’m doing 5×5 stronglift exercises is that good enough to gain weight? Every week I have to put 5lbs on a barbell, but since I can’t make it to a gym, all I got are these cinder blocks and rims for bench-press, squats, barbell-rows, deadlifts. Need some advice!!

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