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Cory Cook’s Journey on Gaining Weight

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Feb 29, 2012

By Cory Cook

Ft Pain Thumbnail There are many things that can kill your motivation for wanting to train and work out. One of the largest contributors to the lack of motivation to train is caused by pains in the body.

Tendon pain can be a huge "pain in the a$$" when it comes to bodybuilding. This tendon pain can be anywhere in the body and can really devastate your ability to give your all to your workouts.

I am speaking from experience in this area. For a while I have been a sufferer of tendon pains in my fingers and hands. Try to imagine doing deadlifts when it hurts to grip the bar.

I have tried many things to overcome this problem. Things such as going to a chiropractor, different types of stretches, self massages, and other types of techniques. All this has led me to do a lot of research in this area so that I can continue to train and become the warrior I was meant to be. Read the rest of this entry » Dec 31, 2011

By Cory Cook

Wolver Thumbnail Not everyone has the healing factor ability of Wolverine, giving them the ability to recover rapidly from workouts in a matter of minutes. That is why in my last blog, 3 Muscle Recovery Secrets for Weight Training, I talked about three ways that you could speed up your workout recovery abilities.

For summary reasons, these secrets were: getting a deep massage, make sure you're getting enough sleep, and soaking in a hot tub. We went through the various reasons why all three of these things increase your muscle recovery. If you have NOT read the previous blog, I suggest you go read it first, then come back to this post. Click on the following link to go check it out -> Muscle Recovery Secrets.

In this article we are going to take a spin on the previous post and focus on cheaper alternatives to the recommendations I gave before. Read the rest of this entry » Dec 30, 2011

By Cory Cook

Energy healing thumbnail When most people think about secrets for weight training, they are usually looking to learn how to gain weight fast. Certain areas of focus are questions such as: what exercises can I do, how many reps should I do, or how much food am I supposed to eat? Now all these things are important however, sometimes the things that may help you build muscle are areas that might not have even been envisioned.

Well what are these secrets that I am talking about? I am going to give you three secrets for better muscle recovery that you may have not realized. This could potentially bring you to another level on your ability to gain weight. Read the rest of this entry » July 14, 2011

By Cory Cook

Passionate FlamesI have learned over the years that building muscle is not as easy as baking a cake. Actually I do not even know how to bake a cake lol, but I think I remember hearing that expression before when describing the ease of something. I have come to realize that it is not the physical part of working out that is the hardest part. It's all the areas leading up to the actual lifting of the weights that seem to hinder my progress.

The fact is I do enjoy lifting weights and getting stronger, but when you are faced with trying to juggle your daily life, such as your day job, chores and other house related areas, it can put a damper on your motivation levels when it comes to working out. These day to day tasks that you find yourself confronted with can lead you feeling drained, sometimes I just want to relax and not have to focus on being on the go... Read the rest of this entry » June 22, 2011

By Cory Cook

Self DisciplineI know the topic of self discipline as it relates to building muscle is not the most interesting topics to discuss. There are most likely a lot of people who read this that are saying “yeah yeah yeah I know”. However self discipline is the root of all the success in your life, whether you are talking about gaining weight, being in a successful relationship or creating a better career.

You may be questioning why is this dude on some kick about being disciplined? The truth to this question is because in many areas in my life, I seem to be lacking in this very important topic. You know that feeling of wanting to get certain results but feeling the dread of having to go through the process of doing certain things in order to get there... Read the rest of this entry » May 18, 2011

By Cory Cook

Rock Solid AbsWhen some people hear the word "core muscles", they often think about the abdominal muscles. Although the abdominal muscles are included in the core, they are by no means the only muscles that are included in the core muscle group.

There can be a little bit of controversy on the agreement from experts dealing with what muscles actually make up the core. Nevertheless, there are many muscles that almost all experts agree belong in the core muscle group.

Now what are these muscles that belong to this group? I knew you were going to ask that lol... Read the rest of this entry » May 12, 2011

By Cory Cook

digestive systemMost people that are trying to build muscle usually are eating large amounts of food. This often leads people to start seeking more information on how to improve their muscle building diet. Eating large quantities of food can NOT only be expensive, but can also put a huge toll on your digestive system.

This is why it is important to "help" your digestive system by using things that can assist it in thoroughly digesting all of the proteins, carbohydrates, fibers and fats that you are eating.

By digesting it completely, you will be able to absorb more of the nutrients from the same amount of food. I know what you are probably thinking, that is awesome right? This is especially true if you have NOT been gaining the amount of muscle you have been aiming for and were about to start eating more calories. Read the rest of this entry » May 03, 2011

By Cory Cook

bodyweight squats When you think about ways to workout that build muscle, one rarely thinks of bodyweight exercises. Mostly what comes to my mind are, heavy weight squats or deadlifts, bench presses and barbell rows. Now do not get me wrong, those things will help you build muscle, however they usually require lots of equipment and some workout experience, so that your joints can handle the heavy weights.

With that being said, those ways are not the only ways that you can build muscle. If you are a beginner to weight training, most strength coaches will say that they do not think you have any right even touching those weights until you get good at bodyweight exercises. Even the military trains their soldiers with different types of bodyweight exercise routines. The good thing about working with your body weight is you can allow your joints to build up before you start increasing the load on them by adding weight. Read the rest of this entry »

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