Mastering the Law of Attraction

By Terry Grant

“When you want something,
all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

         – Paulo Coelho

“We can change our lives. We can do, have, and be exactly what we wish.”
              – Anthony Robbins

We have reached a point where I would like to discuss the law of attraction. I’ve mentioned this in earlier blogs and even touched on the basics of universal law. Now we are going to expand upon this because I believe it holds a vital solution for achieving body and life transformation.


The people who are successful in life achieve their success because they harness the power of this law whether they realize it or not. That is not to say that they did nothing to earn their success! I’m sure they did. 

Still, whether it was by fate or luck or simply by the natural course of their lives they learned to think, feel, speak, and act in a way that was highly congruent with their desires. This is the whole point of the law of attraction.

After all, all that the law of attraction is really saying is that your thoughts are the driving force that creates your reality and experience of life. If you learn to tame your mind and control your thinking then you can consciously shape your experience of life. You do this by creating a shift in your consciousness; by being more mindful of what you are thinking and feeling and thus keeping your mind focused on what you want your life to be like.

Instead of doubt, fear, anger or worry… you consciously shift your awareness back to the experience you desire. Instead of doubt, bring your attention to confidence, if that’s what you desire. Replace fear with courage, anger with acceptance and worry with calmness.

Refrain (or do the best you can) from thinking about anything you do not want. Instead bring your intention and focus to that which you want to experience, whether that is building muscle, making money, your relationships. Anything. When we focus on something it expands. When we remove our attention it will wither.

The purpose of this article is to give you a deeper understanding of the law of attraction, as well as, provide several principles through which you may further apply this amazing universal law to your life. Mastering this law will help you to clear the hurdles that keep so many of us from realizing a truly successful and happy life.

Since the release of the Secret Movie, the law of attraction has gained massive attention in the media and thus the public awareness. Now many people may think the law of attraction is nothing more than new age, pie-in-the-sky, hippie, feel good stuff, but that would be a huge mistake and an erroneous assumption.

The law of attraction actually has some science that backs it up, specifically in the area of quantum physics (which we’ll discuss in this article) and neuroscience, which I’ll talk about in my next article.

Neuroscientists or brain scientists have had some interesting insights into the human mind over the last 15 years. Since the emergence of more advanced technologies which allow them to see which parts of the brain are working or not… they’ve been able to learn alot.

Specifically, some of the new research about the unconscious mind (subconscious mind) which controls over 80% of the brain’s functions. Including all of the autonomic functions of your body like breathing, heart beat, hormone secretion and the trillions of other cellular activities that are necessary for you to be alive. Your conscious mind is run by about 1/6 of the brains power.

I know a few mainstream scientists may not agree with the law of attraction or the subconscious mind. Of course no one believed Pythagoras either, when he first postulated that the world was round. What does that tell you? 

Most people’s minds are slow to change until there is an overwhelming amount of proof to back up theories that deviate from the mainstream model of thought. Unfortunately, that’s why humanity is so slow to evolve and why most geniuses are usually considered quacks when they first propose their new ideas… but I digress.

It’s also important to realize that if something is mainstream, then it is the prevailing notion of thought by definition. It represents the common understanding of people, but not necessarily the innovative or cutting-edge wisdom that drives societal progress.

What’s even more alarming than that, is when you really start studying deeper into the law of attraction. Then you begin to realize that people have been telling us that our thoughts create our reality for thousands of years. We just never took them literally or misunderstood what they were telling us.

One thing I am certain of now is that your thoughts and beliefs are the driving forces creating your perception of reality and your experience of life. And I mean that very literally.

The reason I am so certain of this is because hundreds of very wise people have been writing it down for centuries. People like the Buddha, Christ, Lao Tzu, and many others. More recently many authors, philosophers even doctors and scientists have discussed at length how our lives are highly shaped and influenced by our thoughts.

Just to name a few… Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles, Earl Nightingale, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Albert Einstein, and far too many others to name here. Now Quantum physicists and Neuroscientists are beginning to provide proof and evidence to support these claims, which I find fascinating.

I am going to explain some things to you now that may contradict the mainstream model of thought. I hope you will have an open mind about this and at least be willing to explore the possibility that there is more to your thoughts than you may have thought!

Yet, I would like to mention that what I am telling you has come to me as the result of almost ten years of research, study and my own curiosity to know the truth about our reality. It was my own personal yearning for a deeper understanding of how the universe actually works that has led me to these ideas.

During this quest I have studied several spiritual traditions like Buddhism, Christianity, Zen, New Age, and Taoism. I have researched further into science, evolutionary theory, physics, and quantum physics. I have studied the philosophers. I have studied the works of successful men and forward thinkers. Now I tell you this not to brag, nor to claim that I am an expert in any of these fields. I am not. Nor is my study even close to complete. I truly agree that the more I learn, the more I realize how little I really know.

However, through my years of reading and researching I have been looking for the common thread or the perennial philosophy, if you will, that combines and connects each of these fields. What do they point to? What are the underlying truths that are common to them all? That’s what I want to share with you here.

What is the Universal Law of Attraction?

Speaker, author, and consultant Dr. Margaret McCraw, Ph.D says that… “The Law of Attraction, just like the Law of Gravity, is an invisible energy force. While we cannot see gravity, we can see the results of it as our feet are planted firmly on the ground. Neither can we see the Law of Attraction, but we can see the results of it as we correlate our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs with the experiences we are creating.”

Think of the law of attraction like the air you breathe. You cannot see it, but if it wasn’t there your life would never be the same. Much like the wind it is invisible, yet when it blows hard enough you can feel its presence. It is force that has always been there, behind the scenes… orchestrating a symphony of energy while the forms dance to the tune of fate. It is integrated deeply within the fabric of the universe.

Okay, enough imagery… lets get down to business!

Your reality, as it is right now, is a result of every thought, and experience you have ever had in your life. All that you have achieved or failed to achieve is a direct result of your own thoughts. Your life and your current circumstance is simply a reflection of your own mind, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. You literally are what you think!

I told you, you would see this quote a lot! 

“We are what we think. With our thoughts, we make our world.”– The Buddha

How is this so? Can this really be true?

Yes, it is possible! Everything in our physical universe, as quantum physicists now understand it, is made up of atoms and sub-atomic particles, which are merely packets of energy and information.

In our universe physical matter exists as particles, yet before something becomes a particle it exists as a wave of energy.

It is to this state of energy that one returns at death.

As scientists have stated in the First Law of Thermodynamics, “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only change forms.” Like ice becomes liquid when it is heated and the water transforms into steam as the temperature rises. You too are a form of energy, which has never be created nor destroyed, but is only in the constant state of changing forms.

Your body is nothing but energy

Your dog or cat, the tree in your yard, a rock on the ground, this earth beneath your feet, especially the stars in the night sky, everything that we consider matter and even intangible things like your thoughts, are fundamentally energy and information!

So, everything at the molecular level of existence is simply energy expressed in one form or another. We live within a matrix or system of intermingling energy. Yet, beyond the matrix of energy there is a state of nothingness or stillness that is the source from which everything arises. Many call this state of nothingness Spirit, God, or even Pure Conscious Awareness. Some call it the ether or even the Source. I like to call it Consciousness. Call it what you will, it doesn’t really matter.

In Quantum field theory they like to call it the zero-point field.

Per Wikipedia, “The electromagnetic zero-point field is loosely considered as a sea of background electromagnetic energy that fills the vacuum of space.” In other words, space is not empty like we once thought, but rather is seething with energy.

In fact, that may be an understatement as scientists have determined that “it has been estimated that there is enough zero point energy contained in one cubic meter of space to boil all of the oceans of the world.”

Just imagine if we could learn to tap into that energy!

As Deepak Chopra M.D. says in his book Creating Affluence, “…the basic conclusion of quantum field theorists is that the raw material of the world is non-material; the essential stuff of the universe is non-stuff.” He then goes on to say, “All of our technology is based on this fact… Fax machines, computers, radios, television—all these technologies are possible because scientists no longer believe that the atom, which is the basic unit of matter, is a solid entity.”

What this means is that every thing you see in your world, including yourself, is not a solid entity at all but rather a wave fluctuation of energy. In other words material reality exists as impulses of energy and information… atoms fluctuating between states of being waves and particles.

What appears solid to the senses is not really solid at all. This is part of the paradoxical and illusory nature of the universe and the recent discovery of quantum physicists.

This is what Albert Einstein meant when he said,
“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

Now, don’t let me lose you here with all the science. If you want to get more in depth, then I suggest learning more about quantum physics by reading several good books on the subject or checking out Bob Doyle’s Law of Attraction  Program. That being said, I’ll do my best to further explain this in layman’s terms.

The Law of Attraction at Work

There are three planes of existence; first there is the physical or material realm (think of this as the body); next there is the quantum or mental realm (think of this as mind); then there is the absolute or non-local realm (think of this as spirit- the non-stuff or consciousness from which everything manifests.) So, to simplify there is the physical, quantum, and spiritual realms or body/mind/spirit. Or if you’d prefer a more scientific approach particle, wave, zero-point field.

In the quantum/mental realm, energy exists as electromagnetic waves that vibrate at varying amplitudes and frequencies. There are higher (faster) frequencies and lower (slower) frequencies. Energy that vibrates at a certain frequency tends to attract frequencies of a similar vibration and amplitude. In this way, energy has magnetic properties that draw like energies together.

Now here’s where it gets interesting!

Your thoughts act like magnetic currents that resonate outward from your being, permeating your immediate and local energy field, as well as, the energy field of the entire quantum universe. To grasp this, think of your thoughts as a radio frequency that is being emitted from a radio station tower.  Your thoughts (which are forms of energy originating from your mind) are being broadcast all over the world and beyond.

These positively or negatively charged thought waves attract people, circumstances, and events into your life that mirror the energetic quality or frequency of those thoughts. Just like the radio frequency will only be heard by those people whom have their radio on the right frequency channel or station. Likewise, people, things, and events that are of the same frequency will be attracted to you by your thoughts.

In very simplistic terminology, like attracts like.

Do you find this hard to believe? I agree, if you haven’t spent years researching it… it sounds sort of crazy. Well, before you start thinking I’m a whack job… think about these common observations:

Have you ever noticed that successful people tend to interact with other successful people, while non-successful people tend to relate to each other? Why do you suppose that is? Feel free to substitute successful with wealthy, or healthy, or intelligent, or the opposite of those qualities.

Have you ever met someone and instantly felt a weird feeling or vibe coming from that person, which made you uncomfortable? How do you explain that feeling? Could it be their energy field?

How about the attraction you feel towards certain people more than others or certain places more than others or certain ideas more than others? Could it be that your own thoughts vibrate on a similar frequency to those things you are attracted to?

Have you ever thought of something (a person, a book, a new product you have your eye on, etc.) and then shortly after that very person or thing somehow appeared in your life or that person called you out of the blue? Do you just rule that off as coincidence or is there something more at work here?

This is the law of attraction at work attracting people, events, and circumstances into your life that match the frequencies you are emitting through your thoughts, feelings and attention. Are you beginning to see how you use this law to totally transform your body and life? I hope so!

The Three Keys of Manifestation

“Remember, you attract to your life whatever you give your attention, energy and focus to, whether wanted or unwanted.” – Michael Losier

If you focus all of your energy and attention on transforming your body… sooner or later you’re going to start seeing the physical changes manifest themselves when you look in the mirror. Your positive, confident thoughts, words, and actions are paying off in real results as you master the four pillars of rapid body transformation.

However, if you are taking positive actions in the beginning, but secretly or subconsciously doubt that you will really succeed at transforming your body… you’ve shifted your self-talk and attention from one of confident success to self-doubt and failure.

Thus, failure is what you will ultimately manifest even though it is not what you say you want and despite the fact that you may be exercising regularly. Your self-doubt will begin to cause you to deviate from the four pillars more and more. You’ll begin the downward spiral into self-sabotage and eventually quit or not see the results you were hoping for.

For the law of attraction to work properly you have to be congruentand this is where most people fail. They start thinking positive thoughts, but they don’t really expect it to work. After a little time they abandon it and say “I knew that was a load of horse $#!!.” Their thoughts, beliefs, words, and actions are not congruent.

The law of attraction cannot work unless you understand this fully. This can take some time, study, and evaluation, which most people are not willing to do. There fore, most people fail. What most people have failed to realize is that there are three keys to creating this congruency.

To unlock the door and harness the power of all creation you must use all three keys in harmony.

To unlock the door you must use these three keys

The First Key is the thoughts and beliefs you think

The Second Key is the words which you speak

The Third Key is the actions and deeds you take

Each of these three keys has its own creative power, and to create successfully… your thoughts, words, and actions must harmonize with one another. If not, then you will run into problems every time because you are not congruent. In other words, if you talk the talk, you have to walk the walk. Otherwise, you will not be thriving for long.

Remember how I mentioned that quantum theory proposes that every thing is energy and information…. Well this includes our thoughts and our words. Even our actions which are spawned from our thoughts and words are tainted by the energy frequency from which they originate.

For example positive thoughts and feelings such as love, peace, gratitude, courage, abundance and so on resonate at the higher (faster) frequency level or polarity, where as, negative thoughts and feelings such as anger, hate, apathy, guilt, fear and so on resonate at the lower (slower) frequency level or polarity.

In other words, if you have a negative view about life, you will attract negative people, circumstances, and events into your life that act to confirm your negative beliefs. Then when more negativity shows up in your life, which it will, this appears as the evidence to support your original negative thoughts. You’ll then say, “See I told you life sucks!” You’ll then take action or no action based on this conclusion.

In fact, as long as you keep your negative outlook, not only will you attract the negative, you will often unconsciously repel the good and positive things that life has to offer. There may even be tons of great opportunities around you, but because of your belief system you will not notice them or act on them.

However, if you keep a positive and optimistic outlook about life, you will attract the positive people, circumstances, and events into your life that confirm those beliefs. Then when positive things do show up in your life, which they will, this appears as the evidence to support your original positive thoughts. You’ll then say, “Life is good!” and you will act based on this notion.

And as you stay in that FEELING of optimism you’ll continue to attract all that you need to create a successful and fulfilling life, full of friends, happiness, and abundance. This is why it is better in my opinion to be an eternal optimist. I know…. Easier said than done!

Your feelings, thoughts and subconscious beliefs are all interrelated. Did you notice that I also capitalized the word FEELING? I did so because ultimately the law of attraction responds to how you are feeling at any given moment and the stronger the e-motion (energy in motion) the faster you are attracting. Strong emotion broadcasts your energy frequency more intensely. It is this intensity that has a powerful magnetic pull that will attract similar frequencies and manifest people and events that correlate at that level of vibration.

In considering this, just look at how an upset and angry person could easily bring out the anger in a person or group of people that they are in close proximity with. Their anger attracted more anger. A joyful person could have the same effect on people and consequently attract more joyful experiences into their life. Which would you rather attract? It’s your choice.

“The law of attraction responds to how you are feeling in the present moment and the stronger the feeling, the faster you are attracting the physical manifestation of those feelings into your life.” – Brandon Cook, that’s me!

If you feel GOOD you are attracting good things. You are on purpose. You are right where you want to be.

Well the opposite is true as well. If you feel BAD you are attracting bad things. You have strayed from your purpose and are headed in the wrong direction, unless it is your intention to attract bad things.

So, our emotions can provide guidance to us by helping to clarify whether we are thinking positively or negatively. Thus, we should strive to monitor our thoughts and feelings to make sure we are creating the type of life we desire.

When our emotions are positive and we feel good, then our thoughts are in alignment with our desires. However, when we feel bad and our emotions are negative, then likewise our thoughts are no longer in alignment with our desires. We have lost our way.

If we can catch ourselves in the midst of negative thoughts and emotions, we can shift into a higher polarity and begin attracting what we want again. This takes some practice.

Whatever we focus our thoughts on with intense passion and emotion is what we will attract into our experience. So, make sure you are focused on the right things.

This is the underlying principle behind the Law of Attraction and it is essential to understand this law, if you desire to consciously create and transform your body and life. In the upcoming blog posts we will look at several principles or laws that further clarify the law of attraction and provide ways to apply this to your life.

Until, then I suggest you practice observing your thoughts and emotions.

Keep a notebook with you throughout the next couple of days and see if you can be conscious of your dominant thoughts and feelings. Write down any negative thoughts, feelings, or self-talk you experience over the next couple of days.

Would you say that your thoughts are predominantly positive or negative? What do you desire for your life? Are your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, words, and actions helping you to achieve your desires or are they sabotaging your efforts?

Remember it is your predominant thoughts and feelings about life that are creating your experience. This is happening whether you are conscious of it or not. You can choose to create your life consciously or unconsciously. This is the gift of free will and the universe doesn’t care either way, it only responds to your thoughts, words, and actions. Through the use of these three keys you are the creator of your own destiny.

I will leave you with a quote from Napoleon Hill:

“Man, alone, has the power to transform his thoughts into physical reality; Man, alone, can dream and make his dreams come true.”

Brandon Cook

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