The #1 Tip to Transforming Your Body and Life… RIGHT NOW!!!

By Terry Grant

“Learning is a behavior change- if your behavior doesn’t change- you did not learn.” -Bedros Keuilian

“Courage is the ability to act on limited knowledge.”
-Bedros Keuilian

Wow! What a great trip to Orlando, Florida this week. I’m still buzzing and high from being surrounded with so many like-minded and successful personal trainers and entreprenuers.

Before I give you the #1 tip I learned, let me tell you about this weekend.

On Thursday Cory and I headed down to Florida along with our Father to attend the Fitness Info Summit. This was a seminar hosted by Bedros Keuilian on how to succeed in fitness, business, and life and how to become a succesful Infoprenuer (information+entreprenuer.)

Three hundred personal trainers from around the world came to absorb the energy and wisdom of Bedros Keuilian and his panel of top six-and seven figure Fitness Professionals. Guys like Vince Delmonte, Craig Ballantyne, Steve Hochman, and Chris McCombs.

These guys DEFINITELY know their stuff and were very generous and humble guys!

Bedros was constantly throwing out plastic eggs filled with money into the audience and everybody was going crazy to get some. One guy jumped off of a chair, almost  knocked over the table and landed on me… I literally had to keep him from hitting the floor!

I lost count of how much money he was throwing out to us! He was also giving away tons of t-shirts.

Steve Hochman gave away one full year of mindset coaching (valued at over $5K) to the first action taker who bomb-rushed the stage and grabbed the certificate. The whole panel of experts and crowd was just feeding off of the great energy there.

Cory and I also got to meet one of featured experts on Hardgainer Muscle Building, Vince Delmonte. Vince, as you probably know is the author of No Nonsense Muscle Building, which is the highly successful training program specifically designed for Hardgainers.

Cory Cook, Vince Delmonte, and Brandon Cook

Cory, Vince, and Brandon

Vince was giving away one of his $130 8 Disc DVD training packages.  This is the only product of Vince’s that I haven’t personally purchased.

I have a great story about this… right before Vince drew from hundreds of business cards to determine the winner… I used my visualization technique, which I’ll soon cover in Harnessing the Power of Your Subconscious Mind series.

I simply visualized in my mind that Vince would call my name, I imagined how awesome it would feel to win it, then I saw myself walking up there to get it and thanking Vince.

Seconds later, Vince dug a card out and called out my name! I’m telling you this S#!! works… it’s a NO BS Science! After I got the DVD’s, I sat down and told Cory. He said he was visualizing that I would win as well, since he didn’t put his business card in the bowl. I can only conclude that this amplified the effect and guaranteed me the winning spot!

Okay, What’s This Got to Do With YOU?

Well, we came out of there with so much info that it’s going to take a few days to go through it and absorb it. However, here are a couple tips I would specifically like to share with you. These mindset tips will totally change your life and help you transform yourself into the ideal person you know you can be… if YOU APPLY THEM.

The #1 Tip to Transforming Your Body and Life: Control Your Inner and Outer Environment

Bedros asked the audience “Do you know why people fail?”

He then said there are two reasons:

1. The thoughts that occupy your mind
2. The people you surround yourself with

Let’s look at the first one:

I’ve been hammering away on this mindset thing (for good reason) and really pushing you to take this to heart. If you are not thinking the right way, or the right thoughts that will empower you, inspire you, and literally build yourself up… you won’t take the right actions that will lead you to the results you desire.

Our thoughts lead us to feel a certain way. Our feelings lead us to ACT a certain way. It’s your thoughts and beliefs that will literally drive you into action or inaction, depending on the type and quality of the thoughts and beliefs you entertain.

For example, my belief in myself and my own success caused me to act and purchase a ticket to this seminar. It led Cory and I to drive to Florida to spend the day networking with these guys and find out what we can learn from them and how to emulate them.

My thoughts lead me into the gym every day, lead me to better nutritional choices, drive me to meditate, train, read, learn, grow, post these blogs, and empower me to share ALL that I know with all of you.

Without the right thoughts and beliefs, I would have never even bothered. I wouldn’t have the desire or the strong reasons WHY I intend to succeed and help others succeed… I wouldn’t be willing to put forth the effort it takes.

Control your inner environment by selecting your thoughts carefully. Examine your beliefs and ask yourself what beliefs are working, which ones empower me, which ones should I keep. Then write down all the beliefs that holding you back, that are disempowering you, and keeping you from achieving your true potential.

After you’ve decided which ones to keep and which ones to discard, look over the list once again. Specifically look at the disempowering beliefs. Cross them out and change those beliefs into empowering ones.

For example if you wrote one of your beliefs as: I don’t know how to train properly and don’t fully understand the nutrition principles. Change that to “I am learning how to train properly. I seek out the principles of healthy, muscle-building nutrition.”

Look over these new empowering beliefs often.

Control Your Outer Environment

You become like the people you surround yourself with the most. Take a look at the five people you are around the most. Now, realize that you will become the average of these five people. Does that excite you?… scare you?… empower you?… or make you want to cry?

It’s true… the people you invite into your life will have a tremendous impact on you, whether you realize this or not. You have got to surround yourself with people that inspire you to embetter yourself.

Attend a seminar, event, or workshop on something your interested in

Go out and make friends with people that have done, or are doing the things that you would like to do. Seek out people that know more than you, that have walked the path before you and can encourage you to succeed.

One theme that all of the experts at the Fitness Info Summit echoed was that they used to be like all of us. They found success by incorporating these principles into their lives and they consistently reminded us that we could do the same.

Yet, all of them insisted that we take action NOW! As Vince said at the event, “You need to get a degree in G.S.D (Getting $h!! Done.)

The good news is you have TOTAL control over your inner and outer environments. You can choose or change the thoughts that are going through your head every day. You can choose or change the people you spend the most time with. These factors are under your control and influence.

Choose your beliefs and friends wisely… Start right now, for they WILL determine who you become!


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