Guest Post by Vince DelMonte: Three Philosophies of Advanced Bodybuilding

By Terry Grant

Instead of sharing the 12 Anabolic Targets (Sorry, I know I promised I would share them today but today’s post needs to come first.)

To maximize your muscle I would like to share 3 philosophies of advanced bodybuilding that I’ve discovered since the release of my entry level muscle program,
No Nonsense Muscle Building in 2006.What I’ve Learned Since My Transformation Back In 2002There is a lot of confusion in the bodybuilding world. A lot!

Just in the past year you’ve probably been exposed to an endless buffet of techniques, methods and philosophies from books, magazines, articles, personal trainers, the big guy in the gym and the advice of experts including myself.

To add to the buffet of information, you already know that the top training experts contradict one another in their articles and books.  To make matters worse, they often contradict themselves.

You may think I’m guilty too.  If you take my advice out of context then yes, it’ll appear I’m guilty too.

I’ll explain the context part in a moment.

We could spend all day (in the literal sense of the word) and ramble about exercise selection, reps and sets, tempos, training frequency, equipment selection, load parameters and that’s before we even start discussing nutrition and supplements.

All of this fierce debate leads to what is known as “paralysis by analysis” – a state of confusion that prevents you from doing anything!

In other words, it prevents you from getting the most important Degree of your life – a degree in G.S.D. which stands for Get Shit Done.

If You’re A Beginner…

If you’re recently new to the world of bodybuilding, lifting weights and eating big, you’re in luck – I already wrote a complete muscle course for you and it’s called No Nonsense Muscle Building.  This book will save you years of unnecessary frustration.

Side note: I consider you in an intermediate trainer if you have 1-4 years of consistent training experience and I consider you an advanced trainer if you more than 4 years of consistent training experience.

In my definition, to be advanced you must have a physique that resembles above average. I have a friend who has been running the same 5 km loop 5-days a week for the past 5-years but that does not make her an advanced runner because she’s moving at a snails pace.

To be intermediate or advanced, you must have an above average physique.  Let’s put it this way.  If we met in the streets I would know that you work out based on your physique. I would not think, “I wonder if he works out…!”

If You Have Intermediate Or Advanced Experience…

You can relate to the “paralysis by analysis” example and I trust you overcame that by getting a degree in G.S.D.  Not many people have those degrees so hold it proudly.

If you’re like me, you probably find it perplexing that many bodybuilders and athletes have degrees in G.S.D. but they went to completely different schools.  It’s fascinating to see that almost every school differs in methods.

Some bodybuilders rely on solely machines while others swear by free weights.  You’ll find dudes who live on single body part training and the equal physique will be doing only full body routines.

I’ve studied and tested all the different training systems with honest interest and effort and ever since I transformed my body from 149 lbs to 190 lbs in 6-months I discovered some new universal conclusions that I did not share in No Nonsense Muscle Building.

Introducing My Advanced Philosophies For Bodybuilding

1. There is no one way.

In No Nonsense Muscle Building, I shared the most efficient way for ultra skinny guys to pack on a bulk of muscle without drugs, supplements and in less time. My No Nonsense muscle system revolved around the cornerstone principles of muscle growth – consider this the appetizer meal. Tomorrow you’ll get the main course.

When it comes to advanced bodybuilding, there is simply no one way (or best way) anymore.  Think about it.  If there was one way to break through a plateau and start growing again, someone would have figured it out by now.  (The method I’ll be revealing on August 31st is the best way I’ve figured out how to maximize your muscle.)

Over the past two years I’ve climbed from 190-lbs to 210-lbs gaining 20 lbs of solid muscle.  In my world, I blew beyond my genetic potential.

How did I do it?  I began viewing all the different training methods and techniques like tools in a toolbox.  I broke some rules I made in No Nonsense Muscle Building and in the process I found new tools and when But matched to the right context, I received my desired outcome.

Imagine posting the following comment on a bodybuilding forum: “Vince recommends doing 2 sets of 50 reps for hypertrophy…” You would get eaten alive…. IF you failed to mention the context of the 2 x 50 reps.  What if the 2 sets of 50 were prescribed during a recovery week or a muscular endurance/definition phase?  What is it was strategically placed amongst other methods making up a 52-week program?

Failing to mention the context of a technique is what typically starts useless debates on forums and as I teach you the 12 Anabolic Targets that make up Maximize Your Muscle (my new program being released August 31st) you’ll see how everything works if it’s combined and structured in a precise manner.

Take home message: Many ways, 12 specifically, do work, if they are matched to the appropriate context and outcome.

2. Everything sets up the potential for results.

At least for a period of time.  Over the past 2 years I’ve experimented with practically every single program under the sun and guess what?  I produced specific results with 90% of them.  I experienced size gainsimprovements in conditioning, better muscle recruitment, greater lactic acid tolerance, jumps in strength, better management of fatigue, higher work capacity and flexibility enhancement.

Each program I performed had a carry-over effect to the next program and that is typically how I continued to gain more muscle mass each month.  I simply became more fit by continuing to work on different targets of muscle growth and let their carry over effects kick in.

I understand that I can not only focus on improving my strength all year round because I can maximize my muscle with other methods that will have a carry-over effect when I return to the strength methods.

Take home message: There are many ways to set up the potential for results, 12 specifically, and each one should be focused on for a dedicated period of time before moving onto the next.

3. Every program has an expiration date.

Even mine.  You can probably remember the first time you did my Upside Down Training program, which is the 4-week prep program in NNMB.  I can’t count the number of emails from guys who end up in the bathroom and can’t believe how hard it is.  But it was not hard forever.  That means it’s reaching it’s expiration date because your body has adapted.

The more advanced you become the quicker your body adapts.  I’ve found that I can adapt to a new program within 3-4 weeks which is why all my training programs (the past 2 years specifically) are 4-weeks max in length before moving onto a different style or workout.

Take home message: Simply, your body will always react to any unfamiliar assault or challenge. Familiar attacks and challenges result in a yawn, metaphorically speaking.  I recommend advanced trainees seek change every 4-weeks (max) if they expect continued progress.


You’ll be able to PROVE it to yourself on August 31st, 2010.  To wrap up I would like to ask you to share YOUR number one ADVANCED training philosophy below.

What ONE conclusion have you come to?  What is one commandment that has never failed you?  Feel free to share one of the same ones I already did if you can relate to mine.

What ONE conclusion have you come to?  What is one commandment that has never failed you?  Feel free to share one of the same ones I already did if you can relate to mine.

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