The Death of Bulking: Fat Free Muscle

By Terry Grant

“How do we learn? By taking action, analyzing our results and tweaking them until we get the results we’re after. The key is to be willing to change and try different approaches if you’re not getting the results you want.” -Vince DelMonte

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My First Transformation:

Weighing 130lbs

Weighing 160lbs

As you may know when I first started weight training I weighed a measly 130lbs at 5 feet 11 inches tall. After years of getting nowhere, making tons of mistakes and failing over and over to achieve any significant results, let’s just say I was frustrated.  I began to wonder whether I should just give up on this dream of having an awesome body.

Luckily the internet was becoming increasingly popular and I began discovering new training information dedicated towards naturally skinny guys. Fellow ectomorphs like Anthony Ellis, Vince DelMonte, Jason Ferruggia and others had discovered the tried and true methods for weight training as an ectomorph.

In other words…  I found training programs that ACTUALLY work for hardgainers.

After gaining a better understanding of my body type and how a natural lifter must train, I was finally able to pack on 30lbs of muscle. This was a major breakthrough for me and got me out the scrawny realm forever.

I’m definitely not claiming to be a MONSTER OF MASS or anything like that… I’m just happy that you can no longer count every rib on my torso.

This journey hasn’t been easy and I’ve come a long way from where I started physically, mentally and spiritually.

I’ve had to fight off addictions, overcome injuries, break tons of bad habits, keep educating myself and transcend all of the negative beliefs and limitations that I’ve allowed to hold me back for so long.

For me, this path has become a process of awakening and personal growth that is opening me to a realm of infinite possibility.  I truly believe it can do the same for you, if that is something you truly desire.

The Becoming of a Warrior

In November 2009, I announced to the readers of this blog and website that I was going to make a 2nd transformation by gaining several pounds of new muscle. I was pumped and excited and eagerly set out to accomplish my mission. I didn’t want to wait around until January 1st, so I started on November 29th! “Why wait?” I thought.

I documented the training and nutrition info on the transformation page as well as posting weekly photos to track the progress I was making. I had some decent success as you can see below, yet not on the scale I had originally hoped for:

Brandon at 157.6lbs at 10.9% Bodyfat

Brandon @ 167.4 lbs and 14.1% body fat

The Problem with Bulking and Cutting

Although I was making some progress, I started to put on too much fat from all of the overeating. That’s when I thought… “Oh no, I’m getting too fat again and summer’s approaching. Maybe I should go on a fat loss phase?”


The good news is that I cut back my calories and I lost the fat. Unfortunately, the bad news is I lost almost ALL of the muscle I had gained with it. Fortunately, I had managed to keep a couple of the hard-earned pounds.

This is a common mistake that a lot of skinny guys make. As soon as their six-pack starts to disappear they panic and go on a fat loss phase. As they say… the man who chases two rabbits, catches neither!

I’ve learned that this back and forth approach will keep you spinning your wheels for years, unless you break the cycle. The more fat you gain, the longer you have to be in a cutting phase and the longer you are in a cutting phase… the more muscle you may lose. I’ve found that this is especially true for ectomorphs.

In retrospect, I should have known better! I was only 14% body fat — which I’ll admit is a little on the high side– but I should have kept gaining muscle. The fat I did gain was mostly from increasing my calories too soon in the bulk phase and could have been avoided if I’d been more careful or known about the “Anabolic Amplifier effect.”

Remember a little bit of fat is expected on a mass phase and it wasn’t like I was obese or anything. I guess it was mostly an emotional reaction to the approaching summer and the thought of looking like a beached whale was uh… not so appealing to me!


Damn those emotional reactions! They’ll getcha buddy! 

The key point here is to be okay with gaining a little bit of fat. However, this is not a license to become like Fat-bastard or anything… so don’t get any grandiose ideas of munching down a box of Krispy Kremes for breakfast. In fact, you should never go there again. That’s just my opinion though!

A Bigger Bulking Problem

When most people talk about bulking they are referring to the See-food diet approach. This method allows you to eat whatever you want and to basically stuff your face with as many calories as possible.

As I eluded to in my post titled “How to Gain Weight the Healthy Way”, this is anything but healthy. Gorging on junk food, fast food or other low quality-high calorie foods can rapidly lead to unhealthy levels of body fat and ruin your physique.

This method may work for some bodybuilders using anabolic steroids because the elevated testosterone levels increase their ability to both build muscle and burn fat.

A natural trainee does not have the surge of synthetic anabolic hormones being consistently introduced into their bloodstream. Therefore, as their body fat percentage climbs higher, the surplus of calories he is eating produces less muscle growth and more fat storage.

This degree to which calories are stored as fat or used for building muscle is known as nutrient partitioning.

In my experience this aggressive bulking method quickly ruins your body’s ability to build muscle, burn fat and increases your risk of developing heart disease, cancer and the other ills of a standard American diet.

In other words… Forgettaboutit!

The Death of Bulking

After reading Vince DelMonte’s report on “The Death of Bulking”, I’ve got some new insights and strategies that I’m putting to the test in the new year.I hope you got the free reports when I told you about them because they cover this topic in depth.I’ve listed a summary of Vince’s basic conclusions for you below: Vince DelMonte’s Bulking Rules (in his own words):

  • Don’t get fat. If you’re a competitive bodybuilder than your bodyfat should never go over 10% fat all year round. If you never plan on stepping on stage than your bodyfat should never go over 15% all year round, even during bulking cycles. Anyone can maintain 10% – 15% bodyfat. These are not high standards by any means and I like these numbers because you’re always a few weeks from being in super lean, shredded shape.
  • Your body develops muscle in spurts and trying to “force feed” your body into growth will only work for a certain period of time and result in poor health, bad habits, excessive fat and ruin your physique.
  • Staying lean helps you grow muscle better through nutrient partitioning. Packing on fat only makes it harder to lose it later on. Remember, lean people are more efficient at storing their digested food in the muscle (as muscle tissue or glycogen) or in the liver (glycogen), and less efficient at storing them as body fat. In plain English, lean people can eat more food with less chance of getting fat.
  • The fatter you get, the more fat cells you accumulate in your body. This makes losing fat harder in the future, and that does not even factor in the less insulin sensitive you become. This is why lean people have an easier time staying lean and why fatter people seem to be up against a losing battle.
  • Your muscles do grow on calories but this isn’t rationale to eat junk-food and don’t ever fool yourself into thinking that pizza, chicken wings and donuts will the same muscle growth as brown rice, whole eggs and fish. It’s true, many times lifters don’t eat enough to promote maximum muscle gains, but allowing your self to get fat is not the plan you should follow. If you’re not growing then most likely you’re not eating enough but never take the easy way out and resort to low-quality junk food.

The Bulking Alternative

So, if bulking and cutting is an outdated method… what’s the alternative?

How can you build muscle while keeping your bodyfat within 10-15 percent? If muscle grows in spurts, how can we capitalize on this discovery?

That’s what I want to know and I’m sure you’re wondering the same thing!!!

Well, the good news is that Vince DelMonte and Lee Hayward believe they have the answers to these exact questions. In fact, they said they got outstanding results when testing it on themselves and the 100 willing guys who jumped at the opportunity.

The solution, as they now propose it, is to do 2 weeks of overeating (high calories) followed by 1 week of under eating (low calories.)

In other words, 2 steps forward and 1 step back. This is what they are calling “The Anabolic Amplifier Effect.”

The Anabolic Amplifier Effect

Lee Hayward explained the rationale behind this strategy in the second free report “The Anabolic Amplifier Effect.” Here’s a brief summary in Lee’s own words explaining why this approach works so well for bodybuilders and how it can be applied to the natural trainee:

“When following a strict bodybuilding contest diet you’ll lose a lot of bodyfat,
as well as some lean muscle mass in the process. But once you start the post contest rebound the majority of the weight gained is lean muscle mass with only small increases in bodyfat.

As impressive as these results are for competitive bodybuilders the key thing to realize is that these fast muscle gains are only temporary. Fast muscle gains come in spurts, it’s NOT a non-stop process.

When competitive bodybuilders are “pigging out” after a bodybuilding contest. They generally make incredible muscle gains for about 2 weeks before things start to slow down and plateau. After that if they continue eating excessive amounts of calories beyond the 2 week mark those extra calories will get stored as bodyfat, and NOT as lean muscle mass.

This is the biggest draw back to traditional Bodybuilding “Bulking”Programs. Guys will often go on a prolonged high calorie eating plan for 12 weeks at a time.

Now granted they will make some fast muscle gains initially when starting the program, but they quickly get to the point where the gains in bodyfat are greater than the gains in lean muscle mass. So do you want to know the “secret” strategy to avoiding these problems?

It’s simple… Implement Shorter and More Frequent Training & Nutrition Cycles!”

Free Reports that Explain these Concepts

In case you missed the free reports when I emailed you last week, Vince said we could make them available for a little while longer. There’s some great information 65 pages worth) in there, so you should definitely check them out.

WARNING: Don’t Even Think About Starting A Bulking Diet Or Another Muscle Building Program In 2011 Until You Read These 2 Breakthrough Reports

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