Think & Grow HUGE! Part 2 – Mastermind Alliance

By Terry Grant

“When a group of individual minds are coordinated and function in harmony, the increased energy created through that alliance becomes available to every individual in the group.” -Napoleon Hill

“No man can become a permanent success without taking others along with him.” -Napoleon Hill

In this second video by Napoleon Hill you learned that a mastermind alliance consists of two or more minds working together in perfect harmony toward a common and definite objective. By creating a mastermind alliance you can harness the wisdom, experience, training and knowledge of other people, as if it were your own. In this way, both you and the people in your alliance may benefit from combining all of your talents to achieve your goals and purpose in your life.

After watching the video be sure to read on and learn how to apply this principle to your muscle building goals.

5 Steps to Creating a Mastermind Alliance

Bodybuilding and weight training have the tendency to be an individual type of sport and it’s easy to get drawn into the “I can do it on my own” mindset. However, if you really want to be successful at transforming your body and your life you need a team of like-minded individuals that can help you realize your goals a whole lot faster.

Now, I’m not saying you can’t do it all on your own… just that it will take a lot longer and be way harder in the end. Reading books and studying information is great and highly recommended, yet sometimes it’s just not enough. Consulting an expert or group of experts with years of experience can rapidly accelerate your gains and overall accomplishment.

The more I continue on this journey, the more I realize that Building a Mastermind Alliance is critical to your success and can help you achieve in months what might otherwise take years of trial and effort on your own.

Here are 5 steps to creating your own Muscle-Building Mastermind Alliance!

Step 1: Find a Coach You Trust, Like and Respect

First things first, you need to find an experienced strength & conditioning coach that you admire and respect. Ideally, you will work with this person to design a customized training program to help you meet your goal. You should find someone reputable, who has studied strength training in depth and who has real-world experience.

A good coach can help you understand the fundamentals of a successful training program, help you master proper form and technique and avoid the mistakes and pitfalls that your average trainee commonly experiences.

Finally, a coach should be a mentor, friend and someone you look up to. They should have your best interests at heart and inspire you to achieve your ultimate potential.

Step 2: Find a Reliable and Motivated Training Partner

Depending on whom you choose, a training partner can either help keep you on track or easily derail you. You must find someone that is reliable and motivated so that you can help each other grow and improve. They should show up on time and be ready to train.

Having a training partner can be very beneficial. Although, don’t let NOT having one keep you home sitting on the couch. Train solo until you find someone great.

A good training partner will push you to excel and encourage you to stay hungry and keep after your dream. You must be willing to do the same in return. It’s best to find someone who has similar goals, although this is not essential. Sometimes having a stronger or more experienced training partner can be just what you need to make rapid progress.

Step 3: Find a Nutritionist that Knows Your Goals

Vince Gironda said that bodybuilding success is 80% nutrition. In this case then… having a nutritionist may be even more important than your coach!  Although, if you choose your coach wisely, they may have a sound grasp of proper nutrition and be able to help you put together a nutritional strategy to meet your goals.

A good nutritionist can help you build muscle and/or burn fat by selecting the right nutrient dense foods, creating a meal plan and executing the timing of what to eat, when. I recommend finding someone who not only can help you achieve your muscle-building goals, but can also help you to maintain and even more importantly… improve your health while doing so.

Step 4: Find a Team of Doctors and Therapists

When you’re young your body is at its peak operating condition, you’re pretty healthy and you can recover quickly from training. Therefore, it’s easy to overlook this component of your mastermind alliance. However, as you leave your twenties behind you, it becomes more important to start monitoring your health markers. Personally, I recommend finding a holistic doctor who also has a decent grasp of nutrition and the role it plays in supporting health and longevity.

You may also seek out different therapies as preventative measures to increase vitality, improve health, recover quicker and keep your muscles, joints, and body working optimally. Consider a chiropractor, preferably one certified in A.R.T (Active Release Technique.) You may also benefit from a Masseuse and occasional massages. There are all sorts of different approaches that you may consider like acupuncture, for a common example.

Adding a doctor and other therapists to your mastermind alliance can keep you healthy and lifting strong for years to come.

Step 5: Find a Support Group of Like-Minded Friends

It’s been said that you’re the average of the five people you associate with the most. If there’s any truth to this (and I believe there is) you should choose your friends very wisely. Surround yourself with people who inspire and encourage you to be your best and support you in your muscle-building goals and endeavors.

Your support group can make or break you, so start eliminating negative and discouraging people from your life immediately. If you can’t remove the person entirely, then limit the amount of time you spend with that person or develop a high resistance to their negativity. If you don’t have a support group of friends, get out there and start making some new ones.

In the Words of Napoleon Hill…

When a group of individual minds are coordinated and function in harmony, the increased energy created through that alliance becomes available to every individual in the group. No man can become a permanent success without taking others along with him.

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