2 Cheap Alternatives for Workout Recovery

By Terry Grant

Not everyone has the healing factor ability of Wolverine, giving them the ability to recover rapidly from workouts in a matter of minutes.

That is why in my last blog, 3 Muscle Recovery Secrets for Weight Training, I talked about three ways that you could speed up your workout recovery abilities.

For summary reasons, these secrets were: getting a deep massage, make sure you’re getting enough sleep, and soaking in a hot tub.


We went through the various reasons why all three of these things increase your muscle recovery. If you have NOT read the previous blog, I suggest you go read it first, then come back to this post. Click on the following link to go check it out -> Muscle Recovery Secrets.

In this article we are going to take a spin on the previous post and focus on cheaper alternatives to the recommendations I gave before. Now one thing that could NOT get any cheaper is getting more sleep. So as a result this article will NOT have a “cheap” alternative for getting more of it. 

The following recommendations can easily be afforded without having to throw out large amounts of money repeatedly. The focus here is to try and accomplish “similar” results which the previous recommendations provided.

However, you will get these results by spending  less amount of money. Alright, let’s begin learning these workout recovery tips!

Start Foam Rolling for Deep Tissue Improvements

The first alternative we will cover is a “cheaper” replacement for getting a deep tissue massage. The replacement that I speak of is a foam roller. Foam rolling has a lot of the same great benefits as a deep tissue massage without the large price tag.

How do we use a foam roller? Basically, when using a foam roller you will roll the target muscles over a round dense piece of foam with your body weight. You will want to focus longer on the tight areas of your muscles.

Try NOT to roll over your joints like your knees and neck. While you are rolling, try to move slowly so it can work out the knots in the muscles.

Usually a good rule is, if it hurts when you’re rolling on it, then that particular spot may be a place that has an adhesion in the muscles. Therefore, spots like that you may want to spend a little bit more time foam rolling to loosen up these adhesions.

The very first time you start to use a foam roller, you will notice that it is quite painful. However, as you continue to use it on a regular basis, the pain tends to subside a little.

It may take a little practice getting accustom to the best ways to use a foam roller on certain muscles. As you continue to use the foam roller, you’ll find certain ways that work really well for hitting some of the harder to reach muscles.

If you are wondering where to get a good foam roller, I suggest getting one from the following link. This foam roller is a high density one that I use. It works really well and lasts a long time. -> Get a Foam Roller Here!

It is usually best to start foam rolling your whole body, then when the muscles are loosened up, you can move on to stretching or mobility exercises. Using this particular combination of foam rolling then stretching or mobility exercises can do wonders for your body and muscles over time.

Here is a great article by T-Nation that shows you the best way to hit all your muscles properly with a foam roller. Go check it out with the following link -> Foam rolling techniques.

Soaking in a Hot Mineral Bath

This next section we will focus on an “alternative way” for getting the benefits of a hot tub for workout recovery. We all know how relaxing sitting in a hot tub can be, NOT to mention the effect that this hot water has on the recovery of your muscles.

Another way to get some of the great benefits from a hot tub is to use your regular bathtub and add mineral salts.

Mineral salts such as Dead Sea salts can relieve the tightness in muscles, muscle pains, and can help your muscles recover faster. The main down side is you may not have all the bubbles and the jets that massage the muscles.

However, you will have the hot water and the Dead Sea salts that can increase circulation, which in turn increases blood flow and the nutrients that are being provided to your muscles.

Dead Sea salts are also know for their healing abilities. They are rich in minerals such as sodium chloride, magnesium chloride, potassium chloride, calcium chloride, and bromium. These minerals are known to relieve muscle cramps or spasms, promote body tissue healing, and increase your body’s circulation. As you can see all of those things should provide great benefits for your workout recovery abilities.

This is a very good way to get this workout recovery benefits, without having to spend thousands of dollars to buy a hot tub. The plus side of doing it this way, instead of the hot tub method, is you do NOT have to do all the maintenance that is a requirement to owning a hot tub.

Hot tubs require a lot of work in order to keep them maintained properly. Weekly maintenance, such as: spraying out the hot tub filter, balancing, shocking, and sanitizing the water. By using this method instead, all of those “up keep” areas that I mentioned before are NOT required. NOT having to worry about maintenance can free up your time to do other things, so this can be a major plus.

Workout Recovery Can Be Cheap

There you have it, these are two cheap alternatives that you can use to help improve your workout recovery abilities. These two things that I covered in this article should NOT cost you very much to implement, but could potentially provide you awesome results!

Foam rolling can be a great way to maintain healthy muscle tissues. However, sometimes it may be worth the money to go to a professional masseuse and get a deep tissue massage every once in a while. This holds specifically true if you are doing heavy weight training. After a month or two of heavy weight training, you might want to go and get a professional deep tissue massage. This will make sure all of the adhesions in the hard-to-reach areas have all been ironed out.

I hope you have found this article on cheap alternatives to workout recovery methods useful. If you know of any other types of recovery methods that you use, please share them with us and leave a comment below.

Until next time,

Terry Grant

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