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  • 5 Muscle Building TipsHere are 5 random muscle building tips that may make a big difference in your training. Go check them out and use them in your training sessions. 
  • How To Gain Weight with One Exercise
    When people ask me how to gain weight the first thing I ask them is if they do deadlifts. If you are trying to get big but aren’t including deadlifts in your program you are simply wasting your time. There is simply no more effective exercise than the deadlift.
  • Muscle Building Misconceptions
    I was asked recently about some of the biggest misconceptions and excuses that exist when it comes to muscle building. Read on for my answers…
  • How To Build Muscle on a Vegetarian DietThere are usually four to five reasons why someone would become a vegetarian and they are: Go read the rest of the article to see if a vegetarian diet is right for you. 
  • Another Reason Your Muscle Building Program Sucks 
    One of the most popular, faulty and dangerous myths espoused in nearly every muscle building program is that you must use a full range of motion on every exercise in order to achieve maximal growth.
  • Muscle Building Secrets 
    In the quest to unlock the world’s most powerful muscle building secrets I have tried nearly every training system and diet there ever was.
  • A Muscle Building Program for Huge Legs
    If you have been around the Iron Game for a while, there is one name that comes instantly to mind when people discuss leg training. That name is Tom Platz. “The Golden Eagle” is widely regarded as having the most massively muscular legs in the history of bodybuilding.
  • How To Gain Muscle
    When it comes to the question of how to gain muscle, there are many things you must know and do. But, often times what is more important than what you should do is what you shouldn’t do. With that in mind here are five muscle gaining mistakes you should avoid at all costs.
  • How to Gain Weight Fast 5 Powerful Tips
    Let’s face it; nobody wants to be skinny and weak. Deep down everybody desires the ripped, muscular physique of a UFC fighter or an NFL running back. That’s the kind of look that attracts the ladies and earns respect from the guys. 
  • How To Build Muscle, Olympic Style – Part 1 
    Every four years, while watching the summer Olympics, you would be hard pressed not to notice the great physiques possessed by many of the athletes. But by far and away the most muscular bodies always belong to the gymnasts and the sprinters.

  • How To Build Muscle, Olympic Style – Part 2
    In part one of this series we discussed how to build muscle like the always-jacked-big-biceps-and-triceps sporting male gymnasts. In part two we are going to address the other most muscular athletes at the summer Olympics, the sprinters.
  • How To Build Muscle With High Reps
    Although I am not a fan of high reps on most exercises for most lifters, there are actually times when I do recommend them. So if you want to learn how to build muscle with high reps, then read on.
  • The Power Look
    Nothing says power like a big set of traps and a thick neck. Think about it. When you’re out somewhere and you see a guy with massive traps and huge neck you automatically know he’s the last guy in the joint that you’d ever want to mess with.
  • How to Lose Man Boobs
    Seinfeld fans will undoubtedly never forget the episode in which Frank Costanza and Kramer invented the mansierre, which was a bra for men with excessive breast development.
  • Muscle Gaining Secrets Interview
    An interview with Jason Ferruggia. Can you give us some background about yourself?
  • Is a “Pump” Needed to Build Muscle?
    Who could ever forget that famous line from Pumping Iron where Arnold said that getting a good pump was better than sex?
  • Muscle Building Interview Part 1
    Learn all about Jason Ferruggia and how to build muscle with this question and answer interview.
  • Muscle Building Interview Part 2 
    Learn all about Jason Ferruggia and how to build muscle with this question and answer interview.
  • How to Build Big, Powerful Shoulders
    One of the questions I get asked most frequently is, “how do I big build big powerful shoulders?” I usually answer this question by listing the following two exercises. Firstly, the best all around shoulder building exercise is the barbell hang clean and press.
  • How to Build an Impressive Chest
    Even though the pecs do not do the majority of work during the bench press I still think it’s is a tremendous, if somewhat overused, mass builder for the whole upper body.
  • CNS Fatigue: A Real Concern or Just Another Lame Excuse?
    The CNS controls everything; if it’s fried your performance is going to suck. So you have to be careful about CNS intensive methods and allowing for proper recovery of the CNS.
  • How To Build Muscle Fast 
    If you want to build muscle fast there are a few very important factors you need to be aware of. First of all, if you have less than Herculean genetics you need to be sure to avoid overtraining. There are several different ways to do this which are listed in this article.
  • Mike Mentzer: Genius or Lunatic
    If you don’t know who Mike Mentzer was I will give you some quick background. He was a famous bodybuilder who competed back in the seventies and eighties against none other than Arnold, himself.
  • Time-Under-Tension for Fast Muscle Gain
    One of the supposed rules of fast muscle gain is that in order for a muscle to grow it has to be exposed to a certain load (e.g. under tension) for 40–70 seconds at a given time.
  • How to Gain Muscle Fast with the Proper Rest Intervals
    My Uncle Rory from Scotland was the only guy on either side of my family who could be considered big. Neither of my parents has ever weighed more than 140 pounds and nobody on either side, except me and my brother, ever even made it past 185. But Uncle Rory was different.
  • How to Build Lean Muscle at a Mind Blowing Rate
    What is the most important thing I can do at the gym to ensure that I will continually build lean muscle? It’s very simple. The most important thing you can do each and every single time you go to the gym if you want to build muscle is to try to set a PR (personal record) on every lift you do.

  • How To Build Muscle Fast by Spending Less Time In The Gym
    I’ll never forget my first encounter with “Big Joe.” I had just gotten my driver’s license about a week before, so I was 17 at the time. Up until my 17th birthday, I had been training at our crappy high-school weight room and was counting the days until I could drive myself to the real gym about 15 minutes down the road.
  • Proper Tempo Prescriptions for Fast Muscle Gain
    I’m sure by now that many of you are familiar with the word tempo when it comes to training for fast muscle gain…Right? No? Well, I wouldn’t feel left out or get too worried about it because it is a fairly useless concept.
  • How to Gain Weight & Build a Barn Door Sized Back 
    If you want know how to gain weight and build a thick, muscular back there are three exercises that you need to become very familiar with. Those exercise are chin ups, rows and lastly but most importantly; deadlifts. If you did nothing but those three exercises faithfully you would end up with a thick and impressive looking back.
  • Does Training To Failure Help Increase Muscle Mass?
    Training to failure has long been a much debated subject amongst fitness professionals. Many experts tell you that if you really want to increase muscle mass you have to go to failure on each and every set you do while others will warn you to avoid training to failure at all costs.
  • Choosing the Right Exercises for Fast Muscle Gain
    When I first started training, I didn’t know any better so I went to the gym and did all the machine exercises and isolation movements that I saw everyone else doing. I figured these would all lead to fast muscle gain and I would be huge in no time.
  • More Effective Muscle Building Workouts
    Why is it that almost all of the muscle building workouts you read about advocate body-part splits? Monday is chest day, Tuesday is back, Thursday is legs and Friday is arms…or something like that, I guess.
  • How to Get Huge Arms
    Everyone who ever picks up a weight soon develops the desire for a set of massive arms. It’s nearly unavoidable. Within a week after their first workout most guys are start for searching the secrets of how to get huge arms during every spare moment they have. Nearly everybody loves to stretch their shirt sleeves or even cut them off.
  • Less Time Equals Better Results?
    Why is it that almost everyone you see working out in the gym does high volume bodypart splits? Today is Monday and in just about every gym in America that means it’s chest day. Tomorrow is back, Thursday is legs and Friday is arms…or something like that, I guess.
  • Doing Cardio While Building Muscle- Part 1
    There is much debate and controversy on the subject of doing cardio while building muscle. Once and for all I am going to set the record straight. So without further adieu, here’s the real deal on doing cardio while trying to gain size and strength…
  • Doing Cardio While Building Muscle- Part 2 
    The purpose of doing cardio when trying to get bigger and stronger is to keep you lean, improve your insulin sensitivity and allow you to eat more calories. What kind of cardio will have the least negative effect on your size and strength gains? That’s a no brainer; walking.
  • Doing Cardio While Building Muscle- Part 3 
    A look into Interval Training and how it could help you build muscle and lose fat.
  • The Magic Number for Building Muscle
    When looking at most popular muscle building workouts you need to understand that most forms of training have just been passed down for decades from one generation to the next, without the inclusion of rational thought.
  • Muscle Building Nutrition
    It has been said that nutrition is responsible for 80% of your muscle building results. I think that is dramatically overstating it but nutrition is critically important to your muscle building efforts. Without proper nutrition you will never build the physique you desire.
  • The Top Ten Weight Training Exercises for Building Muscle
    The best weight training exercises for building muscle fast. All the food and supplements and drugs in the world are worthless if you train like a Nancy boy.
  • Weight Training Exercises to Avoid if You Want to Build Muscle Fast
    When it comes to constructing the ultimate weight training program to build muscle, exercise selection is a very important component. You build muscle fastest with compound weight training exercises.
  • Using the 5×5 System to Build Muscle
    The 5×5 system is one of the oldest muscle building programs in the book and has stuck around forever. 5×5 is good and 5×5 is bad; it just depends on the situation. There are a few ways that the 5×5 muscle building system is implemented.
  • The Top Ten Muscle Building Tips
    These are the top ten muscle building tips if you want to gain weight quickly. Go check them out now. 
  • Vegetarian Muscle Building Diet
    One of the most frequent email requests I get is for a description of my vegetarian muscle building diet Since there is such great interest in this topic I thought I would share it with you today.
  • Building Muscle with Bands and Chains
    These days it’s very trendy to use bands and chains for building muscle and strength. Several years back, I got caught up using chains and bands with almost everyone in my gym. After a couple years of doing this I realized that nobody was progressing any faster than they were before.
  • Muscle Building Cardio Workout
    My favorite muscle building cardio workout is to get up and go for a half hour walk before breakfast. I usually do this about four or five days per week and I do it for a few reasons. First of all, I do it for cardiovascular health. Too many people simply lift weights and ignore all the other components of fitness.
  • The Muscle Building Power of Meditation
    Everywhere you go today you find more and more people who are dealing with increasing stress levels. Excess stress leads to excess cortisol production and lowers your testosterone and growth hormone secretion, which of course makes muscle building nearly impossible and leaves you with a lot more bodyfat; not to mention a decreased sex drive, the inability to relax or focus and a whole bunch of other problems like decreased immune response and higher frequency of injuries.
  • Change Your Mindset and You Will Build Muscle Fast
    Let’s be honest. Everybody wants to improve the way they look. I don’t know of too many people that don’t want to build muscle fast or lose more fat in a hurry. It’s just human nature. You want to appeal to the opposite sex and command respect from you peers.
  • Stop the Muscle Building Insanity
    I often wonder how guys were even able to workout before internet training forums were around. I mean if you can’t visit 469 different message boards per day and post your muscle building workout in order to get the approval from at least half the world’s population before hitting the gym that day how could you ever make progress? It’s bewildering to me.
  • How to Build Muscle Fast and Avoid Shoulder Injuries
    Many moons ago when people asked me how to build muscle fast I told them that they had to squat, deadlift and bench press. That was before I injured my own shoulder and saw it happen to countless others. It happened again yesterday.

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