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Secret Training Tip #879 – The BEST Way I’ve Found To Do Incline Barbell Bench Press 
The upper chest is a MUST to work if you want complete chest development…and the incline barbell press is a key exercise. I’ll show you my favorite technique for getting maximum results from this exercise! 

10 Ways To Use Your Workout Towel OTHER Than Wiping Up Sweat…
The humble gym towel can actually be an extremely effective training tool! When you get done putting these quick and easy methods to the test, you’ll never look at your towel the same way again. 

Want a Big Chest? Then Learn How To Do Heavy Dumbell Bench 
Press On the Swiss Ball…

If you want to maximize chest development, bench pressing is obviously high on the list. Using the Swiss Ball has a LOT of advantages over the flat bench…I’ll tell you what they are and the BEST way to get into position to do the exercise with maximum weight. 

Secret Training Tip #155 – How To Do Pull-Ups At Home When You 
Don’t Have a Pull-Up Bar

Pull-Ups are one of THE single best back (and upper body!) exercises you can do. But what do you do if you train at home and don’t have access to a pull-up bar? Simple. You do this… 

8 Ways to Train the Forearms For Maximum Grip Strength and Size – Wrist Curls Not Included!
Lagging forearm size or grip strength holding you back? Check out these unique exercises and techniques for developing bone-crushing grip strength and bowling pin forearms! 

The 5 Most Effective Exercises and Training Techniques That Will 
Get You Kicked Out Of A “Normal” Gym!

For building maximum muscle and ripping the fat off your body, conventional training is NOT where it’s at. I’m going to teach you 5 of THE most effective exercises and techniques that will have “management” pulling their hair out! 

How To Train To Reduce Muscle Size ON PURPOSE
While this is very rarely the goal with weight training, there ARE people who actually DO want to reduce the size of a specific muscle or muscles (but without just stopping training and losing too much strength). Learn how to do it the right way! 

Secret Training Tip #665 – The CURE For Stubborn Shoulders…The 
Two-Phase Barbell Shoulder Press

If you’ve got stubborn shoulders, this simple but extremely powerful technique is EXACTLY what you need. Standard dumbell and barbell pressing don’t work the WHOLE range of motion equally – you’re leaving results on the table if you’re just doing straight shoulder presses! 

Training Equipment (And Training Technique) Review – IronWoody Training Bands – Get Ready To Build Some Serious Strength and 
Muscle Mass!

High-quality training bands like IronWoody bands are used by many of the top strength athletes in the world to maximize their power, acceleration and muscle mass. Find out what band training is all about and what it can do for your lifts right now! 

Secret Training Tip #119 – How to REALLY Do Incline Curls To Mass 
Up Your Biceps FAST!

Discover a secret technique for performing Incline Dumbell Curls that will blast your biceps into next week! This simple change in position on the bench will shock you with how effective it is. 

Training The Stretch – A Stretch Position Giant Set That Will Pile on Muscle 
Looking to gain maximum muscle? The stretch position of a muscle is the best place to start. With proper use, you can not only activate more muscle fibers, you may even be able to SPLIT your muscle fibers, making more of them – that means faster gains, more easily! 

The Secrets of Negative Training That Nobody Else Can Tell You – Dropping Points, Partial Negatives, 2 Up/1 Down and More!
Think you know everything about Negative Training? Check out this eye-opening information on how to REALLY maximize your strength-building results from it. These never-before-seen training techniques will take your gains through the roof! 

Secret Training Tip #235 – The Most Powerful Tricep Workout That 
You Will EVER Do

Looking for a workout to shred your triceps from top to bottom? This workout features 3 unique exercises that take your triceps from a com plete stretch to a mindblowing contraction. 

Road Warrior Training – Keep in Shape While Traveling! 
Spend a lot of time away from homebase but still want to burn fat and build muscle? It can be done! Discover some of the best ways to keep your training in gear. 

Supersets – What They Are, Why They Work, and Several Unique Variations You Can Try In Your Next Workout 
The Superset is an excellent intensity technique not only for fat loss but for muscle building as well. Find out what makes Supersets so super. 

Secret Training Tip #914 – 10 of the Most Unique and Powerful 
Training Tips That You WON’T Find Anywhere Else

Bored with your regular workouts and need some new tricks to keep things fresh? Try these one-of-a-kind techniques and give your training a boost. 

Secret Training Tip #551 – 17 Unique and Powerful Tips For Taking 
Your Barbell Squats To The Next Level and Beyond!

The barbell squat is one of most common exercises found in the gym. Learn some useful tips and techniques that can help you maximize your form and strength! 

Secret Training Tip #508 – Set Your Muscles On Fire With Unbalanced Barbell Loading
This astonishing but simple training trick takes a regular barbell exercise and practically DOUBLES the tension placed on the muscles. Imagine the results you will get from a barbell curl where the full weight of the barbell goes onto only one bicep at a time! 

Secret Training Tips #1-10 – Exercise Tips and Tricks For Your 
Favorite Exercises – Part I

Don’t waste another rep! Get 10 powerful tips for squeezing more results out of every single rep of every exercise you do. These tips will have you eager to get back into the gym for your next workout! 

Your Keys To Rock-Solid Ankle Stability, Explosive Sports 
Performance and Incredible Balance!

Learn how building up your ankle strength can have an immediate and extremely powerful impact on your sports and training performance. You can even practically injury-proof your ankles! 

Secret Training Tip #337 – Powerful Tips, Tricks and Techniques 
For Building Larger, Firmer, Rounder Glutes

Do your thighs get more work than your glutes when you’re doing glute exercises? This information is going to change the way you train your glutes forever! 

Practical Exercise Ideas For the Time-Strapped Person 
Short on time but need to exercise? These ideas will help you fit a workout in no matter how much or how little time you have available. 

Secret Training Tip #321 – Squatting With Your Core – This 
Never-Before-Seen Technique Can Make You Stronger in the Squat Instantly!

Squatting is a total body exercise. When you learn how to use your core muscles when you squat, weights you’ve struggled with will FLY up! 

How To Be The Best Spotter in The Gym
There’s more to spotting than simply pulling up on the bar or pushing up on the elbows. There is an art and science to effective spotting. Learn the best techniques here! 

Secret Training Tip #452 – Taking One-Arm Dumbell Rows To 
The MAX!

Learn how a simple change in body position can INSTANTLY increase the amount of weight you can use for this exercise AND make it safer. You’ll never go back to the old way again! 

Five Exercises You MUST Avoid If You Want To Stay Injury-Free 
These exercises are commonly seen yet, if you do them, you stand a good chance of hurting yourself. Find out what they are and why they can injure you. 

The Training Partner: Best Friend or Worst Nightmare? 
A good training partner can help you immensely in your workouts but a bad one can spell disaster. Before you decide if you want a partner, you need this information. 

Secret Training Tip #683 – 5 Groundbreaking Calf Training Techniques For Complete Calf Development and Rock-Solid Ankle Stability 
Are you having trouble building your calves? These techniques will help you develop your calves to the very fullest, including the hard-to-reach inner and outer areas. 

Mind Games – Powerful Mental Strategies For Getting More Reps 
Out Of Every Single Set You Do 

Want to learn how to take your body further than you ever thought possible? Your mind is the real key to achieving unbelievable results. 

The Sculptor in Training – How To Develop Your Physique to It’s 
Fullest Potential By Working Different Parts of the Same Muscle 

Is it possible to work different areas of the same muscle? Why is this desirable? How can this help you build your physique to it’s fullest potential? 

Secret Training Tip #622 – High-Rep Partial Training 
Gain strength and muscle mass! This training technique is one of the best kept secrets for sending strength and muscle mass through the roof quick! Learn why it works and exactly how to do it for best results. 

You Don’t Know Squat About Squats
The squat is one of the most productive exercises you can do, period. Learn more about proper form and how to analyze your own squatting technique for maximum results. 

Partial Training For Full-Powered Results 
Training in a partial range of motion can be the key to blasting your way past strength plateaus quickly. Find out why always using a full range of motion may actually be hurting your progress!

How to Do Negative Training Without A Training Partner 
Negatives are among the most powerful training techniques for rapid strength gains. Learn how to do them effectively without a training partner. 

14 Things To Do and Not Do When First Starting an Exercise Program 
Starting an exercise program for your very first time? Learn the do’s and don’ts here. 

Eight Mistakes I’ve Made In My Training and How You Can Avoid 

To err is human but to learn from my mistakes before you make them yourself is a whole lot easier! 

Secret Training Tip #685 – A Back Blasting Superset – Bent-Over 
Rows to Deadlifts

Harness the power of the superset to send your back training to the next level. 

Intensity Techniques That Will “Kill” You AND Make You Stronger 
Forced reps are great but these incredible techniques will open a whole new world of results for you! 

How To Do The Perfect Bench Press Rep 
Learn the secrets to bench press form that will send your strength and muscle development through the roof! 

Secret Training Tip #504 – Breathing Backwards – Supercharge Your 
Back Workout NOW!

If you’ve ever had a hard time feeling your back muscles working, this technique is for you. Discover how breathing backwards will SHOCK your lats into new growth! 

Secret Training Tip #998 – Target: Rear Delts. One Simple Movement And They’ll Be On Fire!
The rear delts can be tough to isolate. This trick takes ALL the stress off the assisting back muscles and places it squarely where you want it. 

Strong To The Core of Your Being 
Dramatically improve sports and weightlifting performance and say goodbye to lower back pain! Plus, you’ll learn two exercises you can do at home that directly target the muscles of the core. 

Secret Training Tip #240 – Waist Your Breath – Breathing For A 
Thinner Waist

Learn how simply changing the way you breathe while doing crunches can actually help tighten your waist! 

Secret Training Tip #178 – One Simple Movement Can Double the Effectiveness of Pulldowns 
Learn a simple technique that you can use to dramatically increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the lat pulldown. 

Secret Training Tip #242 – Be 10% Stronger in Leg Curls Instantly! 
Imagine how something as strange as changing how you hold onto a leg curl 
machine can increase your strength! 

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